Safety Tips & Anti-Scam Guide

Safety Tips & Anti-Scam Guide

Protect yourself against Internet fraud!

We strive so hard to see that all Ads are posted by verified sellers and the vast majority of ads are posted by honest and trusted people. So be rest assured that you can do excellent business here.

Despite this, it is important to follow a few common sense rules following to prevent any attempt to scam.

Our advise:

  • We strongly recommend you use our ESCROW service when buying any product from AFIAGI.COM. ESCROW simply means to entrust the money which you want to use for the purchase of the product  with our company for some specified days until you confirm to us that you have successfully received the products/items as decribed by the seller before we can now send the money to the seller. Note that this service is optional and attracts a small service charge of 4% (Buyer pays 2% and Seller pays 2%) of the total cost of the items purchased and this charge is payable by both parties involved in that particular business transaction. You and the seller will have to agree to use our ESCROW service before we can now come in between the transaction.

  • Doing business with people you can meet in person and in a safe public place.

  • Never send money by Western Union, MoneyGram or other anonymous payment systems.

  • Never send money or products abroad. But if you must send products abroad, we recommend you use our ESCROW service.

  • Do not accept cheque.

  • Ask about the person you're dealing with another confirming source name, address and telephone number.

  • Keep copies of all correspondence (emails, ads, letters, etc.) and details of the person.

  • If a deal seems too good to be true, there is every chances that it is phishy. Refrain from the business immediately and report the seller to us.