About Us

About Us


AFIAGI is a registered and approved company that operates the biggest free classified global marketplace for online shopping. It was fully incorporated and launched on February 2019.

We are the first classified marketplace to support ESCROW service for buying and selling of products via our platform. This major feature was adopted and implemented immediately because we always consider the maximum happiness and satisfaction of our customers, guarantee the maximum safety of their money and products and also to fully secure all our platform users (Buyers and Sellers) against lost of money or products. This will also boost the  free flow of business among the two involved parties in terms of trust and honesty. Click here to read more about our ESCROW service and its benefits.


Our core service is providing the most convenience and organized meeting platform for prospective buyers and sellers to carry out a successful business without stress. We strive so hard to give the best customer care support and guranteed customer satisfaction.

Seller: A seller login to our platform and post his/her ads/products for free.

Buyer: A buyer login to our platform and search for desired products and then contacts the seller for a deal.

ESCROW (optional service): Both parties decides whether to use our ESCROW service or not for that particular deal/business.

It is as simple as that.


Firstly, our utmost focus is giving the best customer support to both buyers and sellers in our platform.

Secondly, guaranteeing the maximum safety of our users while using our platform and the security of there information.

Thirdly, guranteeing swift and timely response for any submitted issue/case by our customers.


Our mission is to reach and coonects more prospective buyers and sellers both locally and globally and to become the world leading, most efficient and most accepted classified marketplace in the future.

Thank you for using our platform and we assure you of maximum safety and satisfaction.